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Monday, 3 October 2011

Created story by me!

<3 it when this time come around!hihi

 That time I was walking to the mart...

Then suddenly I got hit by this crazy man..

I was totally mad!!

but then, when I look right into his face..

I find that....
he got this charming look in his eyes,
and when i look at his lips,

I can see he is saying something..
But i didn't hear it because I was in my own fantasy...

I imagine that he was walking with me,TOGETHER!

But then I realize that he's staring at me weirdly...

I step out of my weird fantasy...

I felt embrassed..

But then I stare at him...And I saw he was smiling too

its like i'm in my own fantasy again...

Then he said 'can I help you ?'He's voice was really charming ...
 I'm too nervous, I  couldn't said a thing!
I couldn't even resist myself from.....
staring at him!

Then he laugh at me..
I feel really embarassed
Then I decided to run!!

I stand up and ran...

I even forgot that my destination is to the mart -.-

How pathetic! huh...(sigh)

At night I couldn't sleep..
 I tried to remember his face....

He is a real cute guy!

He's eyes was really cute!
His smile makes me melt like a melting butter

He's my dilemma!!
 I have fallen for him!

That's for sure!!

I've fallen for a complete stranger!!

Mom!!!Help me! Your daughter is having a love ache...

                                          The End!

How how how? Best tak?

Boleh tahan jugak kan daya imaginasi aku...haha


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